sábado, 31 de janeiro de 2015

Don't leave me this way

My dear, I beg you,
don't leave me this way.
'Cause I can't live without
the sound of your laugh after a joke,
I can't stay far from your breath
in my ear, when we are just
wanting each other;
my soul needs yours, near.

I hate when you start your awful
"safe life" speech, boring,
when I'm smoking.
I hate when you cut your hair
and paint the nails of your feet.
But you hate when I'm playng
some old Maysa's song
in my old phonograph;
hate too when I want you
at 3:00 a.m.
Ok. something's gotta give.

I hope you think once more
about all the things
we have lived together.
I'm wrong, but you're not too right,
let's try for something better.
I want you by my side
right now, wherever I go;
I seek your body,
guess you know;
and I need your voice, pure melody,
everyday of my existance
saying you hate me,
but a hate with truly love.

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